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Bridges Out of Poverty Initiatives

 Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”   – Anthony D’Angelo

Pocono Alliance provides the following initiatives to Monroe County. For more information, contact Arthur Piancone at (570) 517-3956 or email apiancone@monroecountypa.gov


Bridges Out of Poverty

  • Bridges Out of Poverty starts with a set of breakthrough ideas that looks at the link between ending poverty and creating community sustainability. It examines the dynamics of poverty and why we fail to see and act in ways that can make a difference — and how we can start to do things differently.
  • Introduces concepts to local business, organization members, and people within the community that dispels the mental models that all people in poverty and on welfare are lazy, ignorant, unmotivated and abusers of the system, thru the understanding of the hidden rules of class.
  • Fosters relationships across class lines in which members of all socio-economic classes work together to end poverty in their community.

Getting Ahead

  • Provides individuals with the appropriate knowledge and skills to successfully transition toward self-sufficiency by identifyingthe causes of poverty, the hidden rules of economic class, the definition of poverty, the resources that are needed for a high quality of life, stages of change, and how to develop resources.
  • Empowers individuals to make their own decisions regarding moving ahead in life and toward financial stability, due to the program being based on the premise that people in poverty are problem solvers.
  • Creates an environment where individuals can reflect on and examine their lives, investigate new information that is relevant to them, assess their own resources, make plans for their own future stories, offer ideas for building a prosperous community, and choose a team to help them fulfill their dreams.

Statistics for 2013/2014 Getting Ahead Class

 Mentorship Program

    • Builds strong relationships within the community by uniting graduates of Bridges Out of Poverty with graduates of Getting Ahead, allowing them to collaborate and work together towards a better tomorrow.
    • Helps stabilize a family’s situation so that family members can focus on building resources and obtaining relationships and resources needed to thrive, this mentorship phase accomplishes this by building reciprocal friendships across socio-economic lines to inspire and equip our community to end poverty.
    • This program provides a person living in poverty with middle- and upper-class mentors who can assist them as they navigate past the barriers that might have kept them in a lower economic class.
    • This is not about giving the person in poverty a handout, such as cash to solve their present economic problems. This is about a hand up, giving people the confidence and advice on how to reach their goals.


Poverty Simulations

In an effort to create awareness regarding poverty in Monroe County, Pocono Alliance, in partnership with the Monroe County Grants Office, has held multiple Poverty Simulations for non-profit/agency employees, college students, teachers, church leaders and elected officials. These simulations help the participants to see the world through the eyes of someone in poverty and see how well they would cope if they had to walk a month in their shoes.

We have conducted Poverty Simulations at the following locations since 2011:

  • Stroudsburg Wesleyan Church
  • Northampton Community College in Tannersville (Conducted annually for Psychology/Sociology Students)
  • Pocono Mt. School District
  • Christ Hamilton Church

For more information on conducting a Poverty Simulation at your agency, school or church, contact Arthur Piancone at (570) 517-3956 or email apiancone@monroecountypa.gov

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View Photos from our first Poverty Simulation in November 2011