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PPL Operation Help/E-Power Trainings

PPL Operation Help

Pocono Alliance is now the PPL Operation Help provider for Monroe County. Operation Help pays energy bills for PPL customers who, as a result of hardships and limited income, have difficulty paying their energy bills. The program is supported by donations from customers, company employees and PPL Electric Utilities.

These funds are used to pay for any type of home heating and are available to current PPL customers in Monroe County that meet income guidelines.

Operation Help in Monroe County is currently out of funds for the 1st quarter. The 2nd round of funding will begin at the end of April 2016. Applications will be accepted beginning April 18th.

To apply for assistance, contact Ruth Piancone at 570-517-5367 Monday thru Thursday 9:30am – 3:30pm to make an appointment.


Pocono Alliance Also Administers the PPL E-Power Training Program in Monroe County


The E-Power Program is a FREE energy-efficiency education & Kit program for PPL Electric Utilities’ income qualified residential customers to reduce their electricity consumption and thereby save money.

This energy savings Program is designed to educate customers about energy use and how to save on their electricity bills. The Program shows you easy ways to use energy more efficiently in your own home, and gives you products and tips to help you start saving today. Over the past 15 years, hundreds of thousands of families from across the country have participated in similar programs, yielding tremendous energy savings.

E-PowerWise is part of the PPL Electric Utilities E-power initiative providing customers with tools, information and incentives to help them reduce their electricity use and carbon footprint, as well as save money. The E-power training program is only available to PPL customers.

For more information on the E-Power training program or to set up a training, contact Ruth Piancone at 570-517-5367 or email rpiancone@monroecountypa.gov